Mirrors in Nature

We all struggle with finding clarity, purpose in life, and empowerment which can lead to feelings of confusion, anxiety, and lack of fulfillment. Join us on a transformative journey through nature to discover your path to empowerment. Our experienced guide will lead you through a natural setting and hold a safe space for you to connect with nature and discover the untapped magic it holds for you.
What are you waiting for? Being immersed in nature can provide valuable insights into personal growth and development.

At Little Feathers Ltd, we guide you on your journey by using nature to support you in your journey and develop the action plan you need to become empowered to soar. By taking action based on the messages we receive from nature, we can unlock your full potential and guide you to live your best life.

This is our most popular service, so don't waste another minute and book your session with Erin today!

What our clients say about this program
  • Kerry H.
    My experience with this service was very positive and inspiring. Erin is very in tune and delivers great guidance through life's many transitions.
    I would recommend her service.
  • Maica van De Merve
    "Purpose discovery coaching helped me to identify my values and priorities, and gave me the tools to align my career and life goals accordingly. I am now living a more fulfilling and purposeful life thanks to the sessions I had and still have with Erin."
  • Melissa k.
    "I was feeling lost and unsure of my direction in life, but with purpose discovery coaching, I was able to gain clarity and focus on my true passions and purpose. I highly recommend this coaching to anyone seeking to find their path."