Little Feathers - Inspired By Nature

The Significance Of the Kingfisher

We often get asked at Little feathers why we have a Kingfisher bird in our logo and this is the reason why. One day, sitting and praying over Little feather’s as a business from a place where I was in a fog. There was confusion and doubt swirling around the decision-making needed for little feather’s Ltd.

There were a lot of things that needed to be done and the amount of paperwork was quite a lot. So I went to a quiet place in the garden and was praying for clarity and confirmation that this is the right thing to do and then, as I had finished doing my prayer/meditation, asking God or the universe to help and give me some signs, A little Kingfisher bird came and sat on the wire above me.

As I saw this bird, he just sat there and looked back at me and I wondered where he came from because it's not the kind of place that Kingfisher birds tend to frequent. At that moment I just knew I had to look into why I was getting a visit from a bird, particularly a Kingfisher. When I went to go and look at the spiritual meaning of the Kingfisher.
I was blown away. The spiritual meaning of a Kingfisher, according to Google. Is that they are symbolic of freedom, Courage, Adventure, and balance. Which are all key aspects that Little Feather’s values for learning and teaching. The Kingfisher is such a beautiful little bird, It is creative and can find little treasures in the most random places within nature. The Kingfisher bird also symbolizes Intuition, Inspiration, and bravery as well as luck which we all need a little of these days.

All these things that the Kingfisher represents or symbolizes are deeply interwoven into our philosophy. So it turns out that the Kingfisher is our little spirit animal and when we seek advice from God or the universe, It is amazing to get confirmation from the higher power through a visit from our little friend.