Little Feathers - Inspired By Nature

Story Walking

A story walk, combines healthy movement and literacy engagement, which is a win-win situation.

A story walk can be done anywhere where we can enjoy a little stroll through nature and it does not need to be an expensive activity.

Start off by choosing a story that encourages movement and has a strong storyline to follow.
Take photos of each of the pages of the book you have chosen or photocopy them to an A4 size page.

Formulate some questions for each page of the story which we write on the back of the page which will encourage deeper thinking about the text. We also add a yoga move or dance move challenges to this, sometimes we add puzzle pieces to collect along the way that children can complete at the end of the walk.

Place pages into clear plastic pockets and tape pockets shut in order to make them water-resistant and still reusable. We sometimes just print the story pages onto a card and choose a dry day to do our story walks which prevents us from having to use plastic at all.
If you are using a public space, ask for permission to use the grounds for your story walk installation.

choose a starting point to your walk and clearly mark this as your starting point and add the introduction to the story here. We place each sequential story page approximately 20-30 steps from each other if not more depending on your space and the age of the walkers.
Get out and about and enjoy your story walk.

There are also many wonderful resources about story walks on line, check out curious city for some ideas.