Little Feathers - Inspired By Nature

Simply a Stick

Simply a stick

Yes I am a stick.

Not just any stick.

I am a life journey stick, with memories and milestones carved into me throughout your life.

I am a measuring tool that watched as you grew.

I am a stable friend on your travels to help you along the way.

I am a piece of art that you have yet to create.

I have a story of my own that only you will ever know.

I turn into many things as we play together in the sun, wind, and snow.

I am the strength of homemade forts and the barrier between friend and foe.

I am a fishing pole, fire starter, or even a dog's favourite with a throw.

With me there is so much you can do, imagination runs wild, so plant a seed and get more of me in honour of my tree.


Your friend,

The humble stick.

A little poem by Erin M.