Welcome to Little Feathers Ltd, where we believe in a transformative journey towards holistic wellness – a journey inspired by our founder, Erin, whose personal odyssey led to the creation of this unique space.

Erin's story begins against the backdrop of South Africa, a place where freedoms were scarce, and a relentless hustle culture prevailed. Despite facing financial challenges, Erin's pursuit of psychology studies was interrupted, leading her to the vibrant world of hospitality. It was here that her passion for people and events management ignited, paving the way for a successful events business that became the launchpad for her move to New Zealand.

In 2008, Erin immigrated to New Zealand, embarking on a new chapter of resilience and self-discovery. While awaiting residency, she resumed her psychology studies and ventured into part-time work in schools, ultimately transitioning to a career in Education and Coaching. Erin's journey unfolded further as she earned her bachelor's degree in Education and diploma in Coaching and Counselling, she delved into roles such as teacher, mentor, deputy principal, coach and, nature therapist impacting the lives of families in Taranaki.

Amidst professional strides, Erin faced personal trials, particularly in her quest to start a family. Heartbreakingly, multiple losses and an ectopic pregnancy tested her resolve. Yet, undeterred, Erin clung to hope, and after numerous challenges, she and her husband embraced the joy of expecting their son, who, though requiring surgery, emerged resilient and strong.

As their son thrived, Erin found herself grappling with postnatal PTSD, a struggle that became a catalyst for her healing journey. From the fragments of her experiences, Erin crafted a holistic approach to wellness, drawing inspiration from nature. This approach forms the foundation of her role as a Holistic coach, guiding others toward wholeness, balance, and prosperity.

Erin's Coaching blueprint transcends the conventional, addressing not only physical symptoms but also the emotional and spiritual facets of well-being. Her wealth of life experience, coupled with a profound understanding of trauma and transformation, makes Erin a beacon of healing and empowerment.

At Little Feathers Ltd, we invite you to join Erin on this transformative journey, where broken pieces are healed to create a new, balanced, and empowered version of yourself. Discover the power of holistic wellness and let Little Feathers be the safe space where you embark on your path to healing and transformation.